Director/ Co-Scriptwriter.

CREO is an extensive conversation recorded in Chile between 2009 an 2011, capturing its social climate through the beliefs of its people. People’s beliefs reflect their culture and the way they live it. In this series we explore them in 8 episodes, in which we interview different guests, inquiring into their beliefs on some big issues, such as love, origin, death, power, good and evil, destiny, the unconscious and sexuality. Each episode unfolds along three narrative lines: two leading cases in which the characters share vital experiences that relate to the episode’s theme. Specialists are interviewed and there is a “Chorus”
consisting of the voices and beliefs of people of different ages, regions, socio-economic strata and cultures. It all turns out into a big puzzle, rich in experiences and covering powerful issues from multiple points of view.

8 episodes: Origin, Destiny, Love, Sexuality, Power, Good and Evil, The Unconscious, Death.

Link Synopsis (1 min 30 sec, english subtitled):
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Running Time: 52 min per episode.
Production Years: 2009-2012
Production Country: Chile
Exhibited: UCV TV /Novasur/ TVN International.
Format: HD
• Journalism Excellence Award 2013 from Alberto
Hurtado University.
• Corporación de Fomento de la Producción
(Production Promoting Agency) CORFO, 2006.
• Consejo Nacional de Televisión (National Television
Council) CNTV, 2009