Director/ Scriptwriter.

In 2005, an unprecedented archaeological event occurred in Chile during archaeological excavations at the Cathedral of Santiago: the embalmed remains of one of the most symbolic and controversial characters in the history of Chile, Diego Portales Palazuelos, were discovered.  

Triggered by this discovery, Portales, The Last Letter explores the life and work of this Chilean minister, who wrote more than 600 letters that reflect his strong character and his intense personal and political life, which ended with his assassination in 1837.  

After his death, Portales became a political reference point, considered by some as the builder of the Republic and by others as a cruel dictator. This paradox invites us to reflect on the role of dictatorships and authoritarianism in the history of Chile.  

The documentary narrates in parallel the discovery of the remains, what is known about Portales’ life (through animation), and its interpretation by historians. It mixes archeology and history as it investigates the significance of this character in the context of the XXI century. 


Link documentary (english subtitled):
Production Years: 2005-2010
Production Country: Chile
Running Time: 1 hour 8 min
Format: Digital DV 720 X 480 NTSC
Production Company: Sumbástico Studios
& En el Juego Producciones
Awards: Winner of the Audiovisual
Development Fund 2006.
Exhibited: In movie theaters &
Netflix Latin America.