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Presentation Card Design

Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Alternative 3  

Postal Card for ITP Winter Show


Day 1   Day 2 Day 3   Colors in relationship. Colors in space.   The results of the Color Hue Test.


      And a not very successful attempt. But attemp. Work in progress.  

Communication in the cities

This week we had to find some problems in the signage or in the billboards in the streets. This first one was a very easy to fix. It…

In the other side: Vertigo

In this image there is also a spot, an ellipse. ¬†In this case it is an orange one, dark orange (almost red), intense, vibrant. Through a white spiral…

This is my favorite printmaking of Eduardo Vilches

I love the¬†synthesis of this work. And how everything concentrates on a single spot. The synthesis of the colors and shapes helps to achieve concentration. And that concentration…