Category: Video and Sound

Looking for 我的语言 (language)_ a walk through Chinatown

This video was registered in Chinatown. Its an exploration of the neighborhood with a young Chinese immigrant.    

The collaboration work of Tgatoi.

My experience in the past project was half in collaboration and half by myself.  But the collaboration was in a very important moment: understanding the story and decoding…

Tgatoi and the blood child

This piece would be in a webpage that collects short sound stories to hear before going to sleep. Ideally to be listen with the eyes closed.

The poetic experience of walk through poetry (The East Village Poetry Walk).

I like walking through the cities. Watching the people, the places. I do not often use headphones while I walk, so my daily experience is listening the sound…

no sound

some images move (and sound)

Patagonian sheeps. The wind runs so fast in Patagonia, so fast . It is hard to record the sound of the wind, but it is there, so loud.