I am a filmmaker and a scriptwriter. I have my own production company and I create my own projects in film, television and Internet platforms. I use art and the audiovisual medium to explore existential questions and personal reflections while simultaneously interacting with my community.

      Communication and language interest me deeply: speech, words, body language, writing, drawing, film, and art in general. I have identified with poetry and literature since I was a little girl. I am an amateur illustrator, I’ve taken workshops in printmaking, botanical drawing and figure drawing; I practice dance and yoga regularly and I have a strong interest in anatomy and the human body.

      After doing some shortfilms, in 1998 I made the experimental documentary “Metamorfosis” (16mm) in which I explored the effect of a dam and the transformations that occurred in the rural enviroment it was built. In 2005, I was invited to document archeological excavations in the Cathedral of Santiago. To great surprise, the excavations unearthed the embalmed body of one of the most important and controversial figures in Chilean history, Diego Portales, who was assassinated in 1837. Documentation of the discovery, excavation, and detailed analysis of the cadaver provided the catalyst for a documentary of both Portales’ life and death, and his impact in Chile, which continues till today. Following this project, I directed a documentary series for television, CREO (“I believe”). Throughout eight episodes the beliefs of Chileans regarding eight key issues were explored: love, power, sexuality, human origins, destiny, good and evil, the unconscious, and death.  The series was constructed from conversations with a wide variety of people from all over Chile, and included many individual stories and reflections.

      I am at the point in my career where I want to expand my horizons and acquire new skills. When I knew about the ITP program I felt great enthusiasm for its contents and its exploratory focus of language and technology. Studying this program will enable me to combine this new knowledge with my work as an artist and filmmaker. I wish to learn more about how audiovisual elements, illustrations and scripts interact in a web format and to articulate these interactions in a poetic language and in new artistic and educational projects.

      I am fully compromised with the role of art and the independent media in society. I think they are fundamental for generating communication, understanding and new dialogues. My challenge is to provide the public with information and resources that will increase awareness about issues that are continually obscured in daily life, hoping to encourage people to play actives roles in the creation of a healthier environment, society and culture.