Key Recipes is a website to keep your favorite recipes safe and together in a single space. To share them with friends or groups.

It´s a way to make easy to find your precious recipes at the moment you are going to cook, avoiding long searches. And to strengthen your relationship with food and with your communities through new recipes that you share and receive from your friends.

Technical process.

The site is built with node and express, using a template.

It´s working in a Digital Ocean server.

The recipes are in a database in MongoDB.


Currently the functions that are working are:

  • Save the recipe,
  • A clickable list of their titles. On click show you the hole recipe. Mouse Over changes the color.
  • A clickable list of tags. Mouse Over changes the color.

The idea is to build it as a One Page site, with a header and 3 columns,

  • Left: titles of  recipes.
  • Right:  tags (and in the future name & groups of people that is participating)
  • Center: recipes.


Further steps:

  • work with Ajax and Jquery to make a one page app.
  • connect the tags with  the list of recipes
  • use regular expression to use two words in the title and separate tags.
  • add images
  • create login
  • create groups and friend relationships.
  • find a title
  • improve the aesthetic


New ideas 

  • hand written recipes from family
  • add audio
  • add steps in description