General about dreams:

  •  “The interpretation of dreams”, Sigmund Freud. First published in 1899. 
  • “Man and his symbols”, Carl Jung. First published in 1964.
  • “Memories, dreams, reflection”, Carl Jung. First published in 1964.
  • “Dreams”, written by Malú Sierra, about the chilean psychiatrist Lola Hoffman that worked with dreams, integrating Jung and native american perspectives. 
  • “Sleep, dream, die” an exploration of conscious with Dalai Lama. written by the neuroscientist Francisco Varela, that combine science and spiritual research about the consciousness and unconsciousness.


Dreams in art and films

  •  “Journal” from the chilean filmmaker Raul Ruiz. Published in 2016. 
  • “Dialogues Between Borges and Sábato”.  Orlando Barone. Published in 1997.
  • “From Animals into Gods: A Brief History of Humankind” from Yuval Noah Harari. Published in 2012.


Papers and Articles:


  • David Lynch.
  • Wim Wenders: Until the end of the world.
  • Michel Gondry: The science of sleep.
  • Andrei Tarkovsky: The mirrow, Nostalgia, Stalker.
  • Raúl Ruiz.
  • Eliseo Subiela: Do not die without telling me where are you going.


Art work:

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