Collective Brainstorming



Collective Brainstorming is a digital space to create a “collective” thought process

about “collective” issues. Addressing questions inside communities and opening them to creative conversation and exchange. As a first and main question for the development of this site we choose the question:

¿How can we improve civic education in schools?

Civics life is a main part of human experience, being both a field of joy and violence.  Life in communities is a constant challenge and there is too much that can be improve in the way we think, practice and teach it.

In Chile, there used to be a civic culture and education, that was violently disrupt during the dictatorship (1973-1989). After almost 30 years it still hasn´t been fully restored.

In the USA, there is currently a sensitive political moment, where the country is divided and dealing with strong problems of coexistence between communities.

There was also a previous emphasis in civic education that starts with cuts in civic studies, and most notably in the 1980s, policymakers began shifting the focus from social studies toward easily testable subjects like math and reading, in favor of preparing a new generation of skilled workers instead of engage citizens.

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In this context, we create this site to address this question from the perspective of the education. A space open to specific communities to freely talk to each other and be creative about a topic that concerns them.

The primary audience of this project in an educative community, teachers and students of pedagogy of different disciplines, as our first target. Then the project can share the community of parents and proxies, among others.

We think this site as a neural net, open to share and visualize a thought process going on collectively. As a live conversation and the trail of it.


¿Why documenting a thought process could be interesting?

Reality is based on thought processes that then become concrete in different spheres, affecting our lives. 

To “think” the “thought process” and expose it, is coherent with the topic. Civics are “collectiveness” and it makes sense to us to arise through this form.

The “behind the scenes” of digital technology and platforms is based on the analysis of thought process, so we think it´s interesting to visualize it and create a natural narrative with it.

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The USER can:

  • Add Branches, Comments or Materials.
  • Tagg to create the database order and connections.

User Experience and Future Development

Adding an Issue Form

Tagging : Creating Connections / Search Filters/ Database

  • Ages: Pre-school
    • Pre-school
    • Elementary
    • High School
  • Topics:
    • Recycle
    • History
    • Community Development
    • Gender
    • etc
  • Type of material:
    • video
    • articles
    • games
    • books
    • etc
  • Is it connected to….


Coding References/ Research:

Data-Driven Documents:

Ellen Colors Collaborative Collage:





  • Is this a private or a public space?
  • What about the mediation, curation?
  • About the navigation:
    •  How to improve the interface and create a fluent user experience?
    • is it interesting or tricky to navigate on the map?

Future Steps:

  • Keep the research.
  • Get in touch with communities and institutions currently working in the field.
  • Built a prototype and test it in a workshop with teachers.