The project

In this class I am exploring with the automatization of video to create poetic sequences that reminds/emulate dreams. The project for this class both an opportunity to make me think about the “editing” and narrative language of dreams and a challenge to create significant sequences.

As a bot, I though the program, one creating the sequences, could tweet them at three different times during the night. Random time between 2:30 and 6am.


Steps of the process

  1. Image Collection:

From Instagram videos, friends and people/institutions I follow.

2. Image Clasification and tagging

Folders with topics:

Creating json file && tagging the images

3. The program / algorithm

I just play with 2 variables to creating the function:

  • color
  • topic

From the first video selected it started creating a sequence with a selection where the previous video must have a same topic with the previous ones and so on.

A lot can be explore and create though different code.

Here some results:

Red amusement park


Golden cities

Grey Indutrialization



Thoughts / questions

how to improve the tag

how to improve the program

ideas of where the images could come from

thoughts about the narrative/sequence


repetition of images


among others



Special thanks to:

Aaron Montoya

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Sam Lavigne