I am currently working with dreams. Researching with them from different narrative and audio-visual perspectives and my first challenge is to create a page to digitally archive dreams. My full idea is to make this an app or a web page for different users and to start working with the content of shared dreams from an artistic perspective.

During this class I researched with different techniques of text analysis and I would like to follow that path, but first I wanted to create the base for the project so I started to make the Dream Archive work.

The project is currently working with a database in Firebase and has this functions in progress:

  • input the dream
  • archive of all the dreams, with date
  • searcher function
  • go to the dream


The archive

Searcher function

The dream/ edit



I still want to create other functions as:

  • authentification
  • record the dream. Change from audio to text
  • create a title to the Dream
  • create the navigation
  • improve the searcher function
  • edit the dream
  • poetry generator
  • share function
  • improve design



Context/ Other projects I am doing with dreams:


Automating Video First Approach to create “dream” sequences.

Video Animation