The idea is to build a sales point that will move through city parks buying and negotiating data with passers-by. This artifact will use the practices and aesthetic of street vendors or artisans, displaying a collection of pennies and coins in different forms.

In a blackboard it will be display the data to be buy and the price offered for it. The information display in the blackboard will change during the performance, through conversations and negotiations with the people.

Blackboard info example:

Where have you been today = 6 pennies.

What time did you wake up = 2 pennies.

Your email=  30 pennies.

Your name = 25 pennies.

Your phone = 35 pennies.

What did you eat = 4 pennies.

What web pages did you visited = 1 penny each.

Who did you send a messages = 2 pennies.

How many times did you went to the bathroom today = 3 pennies.



The concept

Currently in the Internet there are being massive invisible/unaware transactions.

Most of the spaces we visit are free, and as users we do not always notice that we are actually paying to the service with our data.

What´s the value of our data?

Which kind of data are they collecting from us?

What are they doing with it?

Sometimes the answers for this questions are in the privacy policies that we “agree” before signing up into sites. Sometimes they are not.

Do we read those privacy policies?

As users we are currently in a blindness state. Internet is a broad and exciting digital space that since the nineties is capturing more and more users all over the world, and considerable amounts of time of their daily lives. It is a relatively new and in development media, with constant new functionalities and created interests.  Maybe that´s why this space hasn’t been public regulated yet.

As citizens and users, it is still pending to discuss publicly the topics of our presence and paths in the web, the collections and uses of our data, both from private and public institutions. The idea of this performance is to arise conversations about people perception about this in an analog and physically present form.

Beyond data, the performance is also a comment on trade and public space on real and digital world.  On one side, there are many street vendors in New York City, and all over the world. They are small businesspeople struggling to sell their goods on the public sidewalk. In recent years, many streets have been closed to them at the urging of powerful business groups and they have been denied access to vending licenses. On the other side, trade in the internet is taking advantage of the lack of regulation, buying and selling our data in ways user do not understand or control.


What would I do with this data?

I am still thinking about this. Maybe I will create a site, or a story with this single random data, reflecting about their values. I am very interested about the conversation that will emerge from the performance, and the reactions/opinion of the people on this issue.