Main Concept to explore:

How do different people understand the concept of community,

both in real and digital space.



  • In Real Space: create a Performance. 
  • In Digital Space:  create a platform in the Browser
  • In Virtual Space: create an experience that juxtapose real and digital space arising similitudes,  differences, intersections and questions among them.


Browser First Approach

VR Space Ideas:

  • The “real” space is a map of a neighborhood.
  • The “digital” space is an abstraction of a digital space.



  • User moves from the “digital” to the “virtual” space through questions and actions while moves in the Public/ Private Space switching between both spaces.



  • -Must be created!


Base questions

  • which communities do you feel part of?
  • what is a community for you?
  • what is community and how do we understand it’
  • what are the boundaries of each community?
  • does this boundaries produce positive effects?
  • does this boundaries produce negative effects?
  • What is a community in real space?
  • what is a community in digital space?



Next Steps:

  • Research
  • Brainstorm
  • Create the idea (design and interactions).
  • Create Aesthetic proposal
  • Built scenes, assist, scripts, etc.
  • User Testing
  • Presentation