For this assignment, on one hand, I played around with markov examples and in the other I tried to built a Searcher function with regular expression to find words in a text.

Last week I presented a project in New Latin Wave Festival, it was a projected 3D processing sketch that contains poems created with user dreams as an input and were transformed using marvok sentences to get a “decontextualized” output.


This week I research new forms in Markov to start creating new poems.

Here I replace the text, with the texts I get from the input of the users during the exhibition. Using the Frankestein example I obtain a extrange new “dream” mixing sentences from all the dreams.

This one was with one of the Markov chain examples, looking for a new title for my project, which now is call “Even dreams think”.




I am trying to create a function, using regular expression, that looks over a text and find the words. I would like it to display the sentences where that word appears.

I am working in html and in a sketch in javascript.

I am testing with regular expretions,  for example this:

let myPattern = new RegExp(‘(\\w*’+myWord+’\\w*)’,’gi’);

I have some problems to make it work. But I finally realice it was an error calling the function:

I just forgot to use the (); at the end in this line:

let myWord = searcherInput.value();

So now its working.