This week I worked in a project I exhibited this Sunday at Brooklyn Bazaar in an exhibition of Media Art curated by Aaron Montoya for the NewLatinWave festival.

I create 2 programs, one for the input and another for the output.

One one sida there is an input. Its a web page where the visitors can share a dream. This will go to a file.txt that appends all the dreams together.  

The output is a 3D sketch, built in Processing, that display 7 poems that takes the dreams as an input and decontextualized them. Three poems pick single sentences from different dreams and mixing them together.  The others pick just verbs ,  nouns and  adjectives extracting a new meaning.


To do this program I used Rita. Using RiMarkov generateSentences(); for the poems with the sentences and the functions isVerb(),  isNoun(), isAdjective() for the other poems.


During the process I found