PROYECT 2_Dreams Archive and Display.

For this assignment I´ve tried to create a program that, in one side, archive dreams in a database, and in the other display them in a screen changing the order of the words and sentences, decontextualizing their stories and meaning.

Until now I have the two programs working separately. One is the dream archive that is working in locally in my computer and saving the data in Fire Base, the other one is a program to display the data that I created in processing, and that display it in a 3D mode processing the data through some rita functions that decontextualize it. Now this program is working with a text file that I created, my challenge in next weeks is to make a connection in between this two programs.


  1. Dream Archive: Using html and css y crete this simple page that allows the user to write his/her dreams and send them to a database. I create a record button at the right because I want in the future to create a function that will record (audio) the dreams of the user and then  transform them in text, so they can be store and manipulate with the written dreams as well. Here is the info stored in a database in Firebase. But I still have not been able to use that information.
  2. The second program I´ve made is the displayer.  I stated this program when I was in the class Pixel by Pixel, and now I´ve made some changes but also I´ve found some problems. My challenge is to make it work for an exhibition I have, but while I´ve being testing it, I has fall often, so I am considering now to use another program to display the dreams. I will ask for suggestions in class or office hours. For this program I´ve used Rita.js with markov and lexicon.  I´ve tried this with some text but my goal it to star building some kind of poetry with real deams of users. To display de text in this P3D canvas I´ve made variables inc to increment with different velocities in each texts. And I settle the positions using rotations (an the push/pop /translate function that are need in processing to do this).
    This is still a work in progress.