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For this week I worked with an archive of my own dreams that I digitalize last year. Through this course I want to create some analysis on them and go deeper in creating an archive and a searcher function.

For this homework I worked with a JSON file that contains 6 dreams and I used nlp_compromise to search on them.

I used the functions nouns(), topics() and verbs()isPlural. I tried to work also with singular verbs but it did not work.  I also want to do something for the program not to repeat words, but I did not have time enough to make it happen.

Currently I am also studying the notes that were given for html and CSS to star giving the program some aesthetic, but I am in the first stage of it.

For next classes I would like to start creating in parallel an archive form so the text analysis and the archive could grow together.

Note: I will try to have the program in gh-pages  for the class.