Sometimes dreams are so shareable.

Sometimes they are not at all.

In the Final Project Program I want to play with the syntaxis of dreams. My idea is to create a program that shuffle the words of a dreams and create new sentences, using the same words but with different order. The idea is to play with the meaning of dreams and to see how much of them can be catch if you read just the words of it, out of syntaxis.

I will work with some of my own dreams that I have written in 2016-2017.

Sometimes I will take just verbs of them. Sometimes Nouns. Sometimes I will order them in different ways. It is a game. Here some examples:

With .ents and .noun_chunks


Adding    nouns and verbs.


I will use Spicy and Tracery. My challenge is to see how far I can go in the creation of new syntaxis. And also with the shapes.  I would like to create random spaces in between letters, words and lines, to create some kind of shapes and air within the poem.


Dream: It would be beautiful if the public during the performance could send dreams, and the program will create something with them live.