For this work I choose my grandmother María Valenzuela. She turned 102 years old past February 2.

My interest is in capture the wrinkles, the expression of time there. I felt this portrait as a tunnel of time.

The process.

First I started exploring to turn the image into graphics, I wanted to work with the dark lines of the wrinkles.



But then I would not have enough time to work on that so I decided to turn the portrait into a collage.

In photoshop.

1.  Take out the backgrounds.

2. I applied a Dramatic Gritty Effect over the pictures to create more intensity in the wrinkles.

3. Then I decided to isolate the skin. I just want skin in the portrait. The texture of time in the body. Rasterizing Intelligent objets to be able to manage it freely.


I got a collage.


I decided to create a plain image of skin for the background of the processing sketch.

Here is the result:


There are still things that can be improved. But this is the stage of the portrait now.