This project is the first step of an exploration about some narrative possibilities of digital animation. In the future I would like to create small interactive stories for kids that incorporates elements of randomness and generative development in the narrative.

In the course of this class I become very interested social behavior dynamics that can be create through this methods. I have been thinking in the potencial of this media to teach civic education to kids, which is a topic I am very interested in.

For this final project I decided to create a landscape that allows me to start  creating stories.


This draw is a static/hand made inspiration of what I would like to create in digital media, with movements and interactions.

I get inspired also from sketches that I found in open processing and from the book Nature of Code of Daniel Shiffman:

For Tree and Roots:

  • Ryan Chon:
  • Barbara Almeida:
  • Barbara Almeida:
  • From the book Nature of code, page  381.

For Mountains:

Barbara Almeida:

The project

Finally I could make the roots appear in the sketch, so thats how its now.

And like this with the insects.

The process

I started creating the landscape, mountains, a sun, and a tree that I take from examples of Nature of Code of Daniel Shiffman.

I also created some leaves for the tree and two characters, LadyBug and Scorpio.

The roots

My challenge is to create the roots growing in the underground. I first tried with some fractal examples but there was an organic quality that they didn´t have.  I found in a very good example of a tree created by by Ryan Chon //

I make some changes to it, turning it upside down, changing the width, color and some other parameters to make it look like this.

When I add it to my main code I had some problems.

The background and the mountains are draw in the loop over  the  roots , so their trace disappears. The solution for this was to create an ArrayList instead of an array for the roots. This took my hours and I finally couldn’t achieve it.

In the mean time, to exercise  ArrayList I decided to create array list also for the Scorpio and Ladybug. Those work, but the array list for the roots couldn’t work. I get some help but finally couldn’t achieve it. I decide to animate the characters.

I also tried to create attraction between them to make them move interrelated. But as the Scorpio is now in an Array List I couldn’t realize how to call his parameters in to the attractor.

I explore also to incorporate text because my next challenge is to create an interactive narrative with movements on the landscape and an array of text narrating a story.

This is what I could achieve until now. This is a work in progress.

Thanks to:

Aaron Montoya, Daniel Shiffman,  Koji Kno, Craig Pickard , Yinin Shi, Kat Sullivan, Ryan Chon,