This is my first time working with an API. Last semester in ICM i worked with json files created from a personal archive.

For this homework I want to create a poem based on articles of The New York Times where the name of Karl Marx appears in.  My idea is to apply my previous program about power and privilege here.

I started by reading all the notes about how to install the libraries, how to work with API and finally I stated to follow the example to work with The New York Times API. I got my API key, read the documentation and  ask for the articles  with the words “Karl Marx” and “Karl Marx” “Private life” for the period between January 1st 2016 until now

I choose this period to start. I think it is an interesting period any way because of USA elections and new political situation. It was a surprised that some articles about Donal Trump has this words on it.

Then I started to work with the program. I wrote this with my API key.

But the response that I get from the computer was this:

Not an error but either the information I needed to start working with the program. I got stuck here.  I now It was at the beginning of the process (eventhough it took me hours to get there), but It was late at night yesterday and I couldn´t answer to anyone what was wrong. I look for office hours and the only one available was at 11:30 today so I will try to advance there. But I think I wont be able to have a poem. I will just be able to start working.

I couldnt start working on this before because this week I had 4 classes that were ending, so I had 4 finals. I just could start working yesterday at 5 pm.  But I will finish this during the spring break.


Note: My previous program is now working:

The poetry of power