After last class, I keep thinking in this idea.

Somehow, power seems anti poetic.

Or a-poetic.


So I want to explore this idea, of making poetry (or anti poetry) with them.

Researching a little bit in internet I found some articles that I want to read.

In google search I found the article The poetry of power.

The Poetry of Power

It´s about some dam. Electric generation. I couldn’t read it completely yet, but it was very suggestive to me. I am very sensitive to this topic since I grew up in place that was submerged to create an hydroelectric plant . It´s about power, of course, in it’s literal and abstract sense. At the end, to turn on anything you need the power button.

I also found this text that I am very curios about.

“What is money for?” form Ezra Pound.

There is also an article “The Aesthetics of Power, the poetry of Adrienne Rich”, that I am interested to read, even though I can understand better the aesthetics of power than its poetry.

I also want to work with a dictionary, definitions of power, privilege, money, etc. Synonyms, antonyms.

This is the beginning of the process, so I will stay in the first step and work just with definitions. I will create a simple program that replace the word “privilege” and all it’s synonyms for all it´s antonyms in a text. For the text I will use just the definition of privilege from the dictionary.



I couldn´t finish the program. I am still working on it.

My program is not working yet. I still need to fix 2 things. How the texts of Synonyms and Antonyms are being read and knowing what to print. I will finish it soon.

Now the program is working.

And I get some staffs, not still a poem. I will keep working know on the texts.

It is replacing just with one random word for the antonyms. In this case Mis fortune. I would like to iterate through others words as well.

now with the word