For this project I “finally” decided to make a twitter about a linguistic question. My native language is Spanish, so when I have to write in english I use to make mistakes with the words that has double letters.  I never know which one is the double one. For example in “finally” I first tried with double “n”. As it looks bad I tried with the double “I”.

So this is a daily question for me.

For the bot I decided to keep this image because it´s part of the same process that I had had in this course, doing simple questions that are currently on my mind.

I thought different sources for the input of the twitter bot, twitters, linguistic pages, etc. Finally I decided to create a json file with words with double letters that I found in this page:



To make the program I has some troubles because I didn´t know how to work with words in javascript. I knew I need to say to the program:

  1. For loop for each word of the list.
  2. If the word have a letter that is equal to the letter before:  store that letter in a variable I create.

I knew that but not the sintaxis for that. I “finally” found some help and a classmate explain me this sintaxis. Event hough it is simple I understood a lot of thing in the process.

the for loop is this one:

var doubleLetter
for (var i = 0; i < randNoun.length; i++) {
if (randNoun[i] == randNoun[i-1]) {
doubleLetter= randNoun[i]

Then the process to upload the twitter to the server was fluent and I finally learn how to do it. Whay I just found out it´s not working is the crontab -e

I could make it work in my computer in node, but I just realice it´s not working in the server.  I has the same problem last week and I thought I had fixed it. But I did not. I will try to do it tomorrow morning.

Crontab in the server is like this.

I am also trying to upload the first twitter bot I create for this class, the program is not working yet. I had some problems. I hope I will have time tomorrow am.

Wednesday am

I finally fixed the crontab nº, so now it must be running each 30 minutes.

I fixed the problem with the program, it was again the “” signs in the array.