For this assignment I kept playing with the text I get from Internet searching for  love and sex letters.

I experiment a lot with codes from the examples changing some arguments to get different results.

Some of the ones I liked the most. This is the one I will share in class because the result was beautiful.

I like this code from the examples because it also has the same words of my poem on it.


Another one.



This result was mixing sentences from both texts and spliting the lines in two. Creating a space between them.

Then I applied this code first to LoveLetter.txt

and I get a long result. When I applied it to SexLetter.txt  I got just two lines. That was funny. I wonderer if there was any clue there, so cange then the number to 7, and 9. But then I get similar sizes text.

from LoveLetters.txt

from SexLetter.txt