After some (long) time in the computer my program is working in the server automatically.


Even though I follow the steps I found some problems that stopped me for (long) moments:

  1. The first one was in the program itself. I had to array of different length working together. So after 12 tweets one of them started to send the word “undefined”.  To  fix this , I finally ask to Allison and she suggested this method.

var randNoun = nouns[Math.floor(Math.random()*nouns.length)];
var randComm = communities[Math.floor(Math.random()*communities.length)];

It works!

2. The crontab method.

I tried it in terminal writing  “*  *  *  *  * directoriesChain nodeChain programInfo tokens end”. I take a lot of care to have everything well written each time. But It was not working.  Finally I ask to a classmate, Bryan. He find out that I had some bins in my directory chain that has space between them. That was the problem.

After fixing that I started to connect the server. That was slow but fluent and I finally get the process. Now the program is working in the server with crontab so It´s being posting all night. Maybe too much.

When I wake up today and checked it, it is full of messages. It´s posting one every one minute. Yesterday in the server, after installing forever I run crontab, the first time with * * * * * to test it. When I saw it was working I run it again with

0.30  *  *  *  * . I though that I was going to make the program post every 30 minutes, but this is not working. I still don´t know why. I will try to fix this this morning.

There is also a problem in the community.json file that I have to fix. Some of the “words” are probably empty and its sending an empty space to the tweet.



The process of this class have been both rough and interesting.

I took this class because I wanted to learn how to work with node and a server for future projects. And also because I love language, and I though Twitter Bot could  be a good way to learn about computation through playing with language.  The reality has been with no equilibrium. I have spend most of the time trying to understand and make things work, so any creative thinking is just arising, now that I finally could make a program work in the server and tweet.


Twitter & News.

My relationship with the news have been changing in the lasts years. I don´t know why, after been a very well informed person I have been moving out from news. After been reading too much about “what´s going in the world” a few years ago I stopped buying a newspaper. I stated to informed my self just from the internet and through conversations with friends. It´s not that I am not interested, I am truly interested in the world  and it´s huge complexities.

It´s not that I do not want to be inform, I truly love (and need) to know what´s going on. It´s just that both the saturation of information and the awareness about the control that the media does of the reality have makes me be more suspicious about what is show and discussed in the News (and in twitter, all though).

It´s hard to be well informed nowadays. It´s hard to have time and to discriminate between the core of the things and the tones of make up on them. That´s why in this moment  I feel I would like to approach to this media through questions, more than from any kind of answer, yet.

I have two ideas to work for this final project. One is more simple and the other one more challenging in technical ways.


Alternative 1

The idea of this twitter bot is to continue to make some questions.

My first tweet from this class had the question

“Why “X profession” earns more than “Y profession”?

On that opportunity I couldn´t make that twitter work properly but the question is still interesting for me. So one alternative for this final project is to make that twitter work good, and give it an identity.


Alternative 2

This idea is to work with images through processing, creating a program that takes images from the news  and returned them blurred to the medias through a twitter bot.

I would have to work both in the conceptual and technical aspects of this, thinking first where are the images going to come from and then what kind of “processing” apply to them.


I like the idea of exploring this, but also I wonder If I would be able to do this in one week, considering the different steps:

  • Program to capture the images.
  • Create a processing program to transform them.
  • Post the image in a twitter bot and make it work in a server.
  • Create the Twitter Bot identity.

All this written seems easy, but to make it work…

This is my first approach to the final project.


And I have a strange question about english language.

“why does many words has letters that are repeat within them?:




























Maybe that could be be my twitter bot.

Alternative nº3.