This week the homework was to make a tweet and also a program that responds to reaction of followers.

For the twitter bot I create a json file of “nouns” and another with “comunities” and add the question “What does” +nouns+ “means to” +communities?”.

Then I add the sign “?” and tried to make it work in another account and to connect it to the server.

Then I had a problem. The size of my array of communities has just 12 words, while the one of nouns has 1000. So it started to send me the “communities” as “undefind”.  To fix this problem I am trying to split the counter making 2 different arrays, one for “nouns” and other for communities, but is still not working. It send me an error that I have to check what it is.

I had the both programs running well before, but I haven`t been able to check this yet, since my program broke. I will do it asap.