This week I decided to go back to past works to understand what I was doing and start to get familiar with processing.  So I redo old exercises to understand them better. For the first homework with the”walker” I did an abstraction of the roots of a tree growing. I get how to do an array more and  or less how the random function works. But I couldn´t make the roots spread all over the screen.

Then for the second homework my challenge was to understand how to create a program by myself, with an array and apply forces. I first work with lines, and then with some abstract birds. I could not figure out how to draw with vertex so I coudn´t control the size of the birds.

Finally I tried to create some worms and manipulate them. It was the same sketch that works with oscillation and attraction that I used for my last homework. But there are still things that I couldn´t completely get, I havent yet  integrate in mi mind important things as as sen-cosene & PI, so I can not use them. Next week I hope to get that, and to start applying more complex movements, shapes and forces.