Questions I have. A sound piece.

This exercise of creating a piece just with sound is very interesting for me. I really like working with sound, but at the same time I am a very visual person and in my work I use a lot of visual resources. So the lack of images is a challenge.

Also an important reflection about collective narratives is to make the point about the importance of the editing and it´s subjectivity. Even though its presenting different perspectives, the decisions, accents, omitions, constructions of who is editing the story are clue. Somehow invisible and at the same time so visible.

here the link:

“Questions I have”.


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  1. Tianze Gao

    Nice work. When I first saw this six-minute sound file, I felt so nervous that I had to listen to one tone for six minutes without any visual things. Thanks god! You’ve invited so many people to share their opinions. As for me, trash can be rumors, complaints, unreasonable fightings and anything that really makes my mood bad and influences my daily life. You’ve edited different files carefully and combined them in a fluent way. The combination of people’s voice and background sounds from the computer is so fancy. I like it.

  2. Gal Nissim

    I thought it was really well made. At first, when I played it I wasn’t sure if the sounds are coming out of my computer or from the audio piece.
    The people voices are moving so smoothly, it seems like they are part of the same conversation.
    I’m curious to know what made you decide where to put the “digital trash sounds”, it seems a bit random.
    Your question evoked extremely interesting and nontrivial answers from people.

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