I am interested in this class, both because I want to learn the principles of how to draw in computerland and the possibilities of it. Somehow I am interested in the understanding of the computer science and I feel that this a beauty way to approach to it.

That said, I have to say for this assignment that is been so hard to be able to do staffs. I understand the principles under it but it´s been hard to apply them in the sketches. I first tried working in processing, the sintaxis became understandable so I decided to go to the basics and I started to read Learning Processing from the beginning. It was helpful, but then I had to move further to make the homework.  And there the problems begun. I couldn´t even make the examples work in the browser, with the examples that are written in one page I had no problems. But with the ones that have objects in another tab I just could not make them work in processing.

So I moved back to P5.

I started working with some examples, and trying to understand codes from other people, but there is always a moment where I get stuck. I stop understanding what´s going on in the sketch.

I finally adapted one example. But I am not fully understanding what happen in the program I am presenting.

Here is the sketch.