172-16-220-188:oldfirenewfire paula$ cat fireNews.txt nativeTrees.txt fireMyth.txt otherFireMyths.txt elements.txt | sort | head -12

172-16-220-188:oldfirenewfire paula$ cat fireNews.txt ohFire2.txt | sort | head -10.

This one was done by hand. In the process of learning. And sending sentences to a file ohFire.txt

My country is on fire.

More than 675,000 acres have been consumed by the fire.

There are 124 active fires, 55 controlled, 58 in combat, 11 extinguished.

On this program/ poem, I want to honour the forest,

and all the dead ones (trees, plants, animals, insects and 11 people).


The program/poem that I  compose has 12 lines.


The 2 first lines are composed from lines of news narrating the events in foreign newspapers that cointains the word “fire”.


Lines 3-4 shows the names of natives trees of Chile.


Line 4 has the names of 4 elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth.


Takes sentences from a Myth about fire from an Alabama Tribe that contains the word Forest.


Takes sentences from myths about fire from different cultures that contais the world “fire”.


Oh fire Oh fire Oh fire


Names of trees from Chile.


Names of Elements.



— – – – – – – – — — — – – – – —- ——————————- —————— —–The process

I create a directory “oldFireNewDire”,  on it there are 4 files with material (fireNews, fireMyth, treeNames, otherFireMyths) and 1 fil with the poem (ohFire). I work with to functions “cat” & “grep”.   For example:

cat fireMyth.rtf | grep fire

Bear and his people carried fire with them wherever they went.\

Man got a second stick and laid it on the West side of the fire. \

cat fireNews.txt | grep fire

Over the past weeks, a series of wildfires have devastated homes,\

This has been the worst fire catastrophe in Chile\’92s history. \

And then to send the sentence to the file Oh fire I use this commands:

cat >> ohFire.txt

Roble , Peumo , Quillay , Litre , Hualo, Lingue , Radal, Avellano, Boldo , \

Cipr\’e9s , Roble , Hualo, Quillay , Boldo , Litre , Peumo , Olivillo,\


172-16-221-157:oldfirenewfire paula$ cat >> ohFire.txt


I learned the use of:

  • control C (to go out).
  • cat (to write & others)
  • | to transfer the output of a previous command to the next.
  • > to store text in the file (deleting everything inside)
  • >> to store text in the file adding it to whats on the file.