In a dark space there is a computer and the shape of a moon projected in the wall.  Some breath sound comes from the computer.


The visitor can interact with a web page application in the computer where dreams are going to be display.

 In a black screen with a tight map draw there are circles moving around the screen. When the user intercepts them with the mouse a dream is display (through sound, written or with an animation). The dreams comes from an archive of dreams I have written since 1995, and also from the input of the users. If you “clic” one of the circles a form is display. In this form the user can share a dream. In return, the user will receive a dream from the archive that has more common keywords with their own dream.

The project has two archives, one with my own dreams and one with users dreams. So the dream that the user receives will come back from both. 


For this project I have been looking for inspiration in dreams themselves. I am trying to represent how they work.

I like the fact that dreams start to disappear when you wake up,  and are hard to capture or remember completely, we keep just few moments, few words, few images. I want this to be transfer to the aesthetic and shapes of how dreams appear on the screen.

I am also very inspired in the relationship that native american communities from all over the continent have with dreams. For them, dreams are integrated to daily life, it is so common to share them and talk about them with friend and relatives.

In this project I want to create both a sense of community and  a sense of privacy. Sharing and keeping your intimacy creates an interactive and narrative tension that I want to explore.


Since I begin this project I started to create a digital archive of my own dreams. I really like the fact that I can generate relationships between them through digital media.

I have about 200 dreams written by hand in between 1995 and 2015. In the process of digitalizing them I have been able to have perspective and create relationships in between them and some concrete events of daily life.

Dreams are very attractive to me, I like their narrative, mystery and the subtle way they arise conscience. I also feel a strong curiosity about their predictive capabilities. For example, during this researching process I started to read dreams from 2011 and I found this two dreams:

“It was the ending of a war and we had lost. The others were coming and we had to hide. Several characters hid under a closet that was open, characters like ants, bugs or others like that. Someone said that this was the time for the little ones, they would manage to hide well. I tried to go into a space that was inside the closet but they would probably would find me there, there was a force that 

impede me to move, It  was so hard to move, just like the other time…”.

“The dream of the other time was that I could not stop the car. I was took for that same strength that does not allow me to move and I crash and the car ahead was like an accordion, it was like a green jaguar, I thought whether to go or plunge the scroll. I finally assumed it (after all, he had insurance). And I also had an ethical thought about it. And the previous week I had hit a motorcycle. That force is in my life, I know.  I want to know what that strength is.”

On November 2013 I had a car accident, I crash with a Mustang. It was a strong accident for me. And the curios thing for me here is that the car of my dream and the one in real life were both luxury cars. I felt this somehow as a premonitory dream.

I am just starting this process of research, archive and creation of a platform that I want to increase in the future.


The final: Moon Phase Lamp