There are two objects/concepts that I would like to explore: the word´s and the moon lamp.

After my middterm presentation I received very interesting feedback from my classmates:

  • “its seems like there are many different ways to itterate upon this! – speed; words come into focus as user comes”
  • “It´d be interesting to have the clock motion remind you of things to think about at certain hours”.
  • it would be nice if words only lit up when they were fully visible”.
  • “Does the word project an a wall or ceiling?”.
  • “I want to see your lamp have more letters. it could see like a constellation. How about adjust light? when you want to go to sleep it became darker”.
  • “I wonder whats your thinking about those words and how is it gonna be different by the combination of words.  what about express your emotion with color (LED). drawing. sound (music)?”.
  • “Would be interested to see how you could incorporate different word cards on different days of your life or for different users”.
  • “It might be interesting to have sensors that change based on the enviroment. Like if it changed if people in the room. Or it change based on the time in the day.” 
  • “I actually like the simplicity, not flashy way of expression. I would suggest not to add too much interaction, to keep the tight personal connection”.

and some nice comments:

“this si beautiful. I like the way you incorporate things that were important to you”. “looks like a physicall poem maker”.  “very poetic and lovely. I really like the concept of the object.” ” the design is thoughtful and I like the personal connection”. “I love this. I want one! It´s beautiful!”. “Great fabrication job!”. “Very nice fabrication! I love that you put the outer layer (map) on the bottom part”. “I love the diffused color of the light”.”very nice lamp design, the maps graphics on the first sheet is very delicate!”

There are two possibilities that I could explore. One is a  Word´s lamp connected to a program in which the user can interact in his phone and send the info via bluetooth.

Game of Words.screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-23-42-pm

The second possibilility is to mantein the design of my middterm project but improve the interaction of the user with some sensor. I will have to think better in sensor´s alternatives. Now I have the lamp in my house, so I want to get use to it to discover what can of interaction through sensors can be meaningful and interesting to it.


The Moon Lamp

I would also like to explore the creation of a lamp that display in daily life the phases of the moon. Until now I´ve get in just 2 possible designs. But there is obvioulsly a third, the 3 dimensional one that I haven´t being able to imagine jet.