This is an lamp composed of lights and black paperboard that will be cut with some words on it, so the light will pass through the space of the letters. A layer over it with some gaps will rotate and make appear and disappear the words. Like this:













It will have a switch, a light sensor and a steeper ant its actions are going to be:

  1. It can be  turned ON and OFF with a switch.
  2. . If it is ON an someone gets close to it a layer that is over the letters moved, so the words  appear and disappear. This movement will happen with a potentiometer and the steeper.  The steeper will move ten times in one 360º turn.

The lamp prototype will have 3 layers.

  1. The layer below will be WHITE, and the lights are going to be there.
  2. The second layer is a black paperboard that will be cut with the lasser cutter to let the words gaps where the light will come through.screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-12-11-26-am
  3. The third layer is a black paperboard that will be cut with some gaps and is the one that will rotate with the steeper.


The light is going to be low, small warm yellow LEDS.



Moon Lamp