I like walking through the cities. Watching the people, the places. I do not often use headphones while I walk, so my daily experience is listening the sound of the places and people itself. When I started the East Village Poetry Walk I felt as If I were in a Museum listening some information through headphones, but very fast I realized this was a much richer experience. The 1 hour 30 minutes piece is many things at the same time: a tour, a documentary and an audiovisual poetic experience.

I first realized it when I was walking up though the stairs of St. Mark´s Church, I heard some recorded steps, but at the same time I heard my own footsteps that sounded strong. I realized that the sound of the piece was meant to be melt with the sound of the surroundings. That makes the experience so alive. You walk through the neighborhood daily life while you are listening to the story of the poets that has bring life to it in different periods of History.

The walk is so well narrated through different voices. Jim Jarmusch tells the story, while the voice of a woman is so precise to give the directions. I appreciate that precision. It made me feel as the narrators were with me. They knew my rhythm. I felt accompanied and some times tired. But they knew I was going to be tired at that moment so there was a moment to rest. That precision is for me the poetic of this walk. It sets the pace. They guess and guide my steps at the same time.

The soundtrack mix  is also precise, archive material, music, the narrator, the directions, the poems, all contribute to make you feel in a trip through the poetic history of East Village. I must admit that for me (a native spanish speaker) sometimes was hard to understand the poems. Poetry must be one of the hardest things to really understand in another language. I got the feeling of it, but I know I´ve probably missed the the most beautiful part of this trip, the brightness of the poetry it self and the emotional intellectual trip of that words.

Why poetry? That´s a question that´s already resolve in this walk. All the poets visited knew what was poetry for. They lived poetically and brought poetry and History to East Village.