In this image there is also a spot, an ellipse.  In this case it is an orange one, dark orange (almost red), intense, vibrant. Through a white spiral we are brought to that spot where the black man´s image is both attacking and falling. The light woman is definitely falling. Both are falling. That´s the sensation of the vertigo.


That´s all frame in an intense orange rectangle. The black typography is irregular, hand made, with angles and a strong and straight intension. The letters also vibrates, as the three colors that work in contrast one with the other. It is an abstract image of the sensation of the film.

Inside the rectangle is the main info that the audience must know to decide to go to the movie. Down is the title of the film. The written word of the emotion we will feel if we go to watch it. Up is the name of the main characters, a bit smaller than the title and a bit bigger than the name of the director.  Outside the orange rectangle, and very small, it is written all the other info of the film that has to go in any poster but is not so interesting for the common public. It´s color is bit lighter than the deep black of the other letters and also has handmade typeface,  straight but more simple and thin . All of that helps to keep  the concept and the sensation clean, direct and unified.