I come from the storytelling field and I want to explore new formats to tell stories through the computational media. In one hand I like drawing and writing, so I want to explore the creation of interactive books. In the other hand, before coming to ITP I was working in a documentary series that I am developing and now I would like to explore new narrative possibilities and interactive formats for it.  The series inquires in how people deal with money in daily life , exploring the intimate and psychological aspects of this experience. In my previous series CREO ( www.seriecreo.cl ) I Explored the spiritual beliefs of people and how they are affected by them daily. In this new project, it is the opposite. I explore how people deal with the material world and how that affects, or is affected, by their culture and subjective psychological aspects.

I also have a more personal project that has to do with the dreams. I have wrote my dreams since I was an adolescent and now I want to explore them in perspective and create a mechanism or application to file dreams through computational media.